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Father Mariano Gomez. Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora were executed at dawn of February The martyrdom of Gom-Bue-za truky insoured Rizal to contend the immoralities of Spanish dictatorship and deliver his laden people. Rizal dedicted his 2nd novel. EL Filibusterismo d. I wanted to analyze with a instructor of the town. At this clip. Don Jose Alberto.

He found that. The hapless adult male uneasily sought his married woman and.

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They went to populate in Binan. Merely a few yearss subsequently the thankless adult female plotted with a Guardia Civil officer who was a friend of ours. She accused her hubby of poisoning her and charged that my female parent was an confederate. On this charge. I do non wish to state of the deep heartache which we all. The work forces who arrested her pretended to be friends and had frequently been our invitees. Ever since so. I have distrusted friendly relationship. We learned subsequently that our female parent. From the first. He was unjust in every manner and treated my female parent impolitely.

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What female parent could defy that? What female parent would non give life itself for her kids? They threatened to reprobate her if she did non state what they wished. She submitted to the will of her enemies and lost her spirit.

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The instance became involved until the same alcalde asked forgiveness for her. But this was merely when the affair was before the Supreme Court. He asked for the forgiveness because he was sorry for what he had done. Such was his beastliness that I felt afraid of him. Attorneys Francisco de Marcaida and Manuel Masigan. They proved her artlessness to the Judgess. But after how much hold?

Surveies at Ateneo de Manila — To come in the Ateneo a campaigner was subjected to an entryway scrutiny on Christian philosophy. Jose did non take his entryway scrutinies Jose did non stay in Manila but returned foremost to his town to observe the fete of its frequenter saint ; it was so that his male parent changed his head and decided to direct him to the Ateneo alternatively. That is why the college which began to map in the twelvemonth Studies in Ateneo de Manila. Therefore he disciplined his will and subjected it to the bids of his ground. As a fledgling. Jose was at first put at the tail of the category.

At the terminal of the term he obtained Markss of excellent in all the topics and in the scrutinies. He had ground to experience proud of his promotion ; and so when he went place on holiday that twelvemonth.

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He must hold uttered this exclaiming on larning from his female parent that they had played her a average fast one. The justice. With the desire to see her kids once more. In a few months the justice asked her forgiveness for what he had done because harmonizing to him his scruples hurt him. Jose had the same professor as in the old twelvemonth ; but alternatively of lodging outside the City.

At the terminal of the term he obtained a decoration.

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This was three months before her release. About that clip he devoted himself to reading novels. The agonies of the hero of the 12 old ages. He besides asked his male parent to purchase him a transcript of The Universal History by Cesar Cantanu. In the corner of the residence hall confronting the sea and the wharf Jose passed his two old ages of internship. In the 4th twelvemonth of his class he had Fr. Francisco Sanchez as professor. Jose describes him as a theoretical account of uprightness.

His aptitude for poesy revealed itself early.

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He did not choose to have a luxurious life like the most of us have wanted. Even before he became under surveillance by the Spaniards, he had lived his life as simple as possible.

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I think it was the work of his parents that made him lived like this. The second thing that I observed from the life of Rizal was his calmness and ability to think rationally even in the most complicated circumstances. His advocacy of Philippine Independence is by legal and peaceful way that is why he wrote many books in order to fire-up the revolutionary spirit of the Filipinos.

In this philosophy, I learned the value of education as a stepping stone towards gaining success for myself and for my country. Since there is an enough motivation to study and explore by wisdom, I made this an encouragement to myself that education shall not only stop within the corners of classrooms but shall also extend until the corners of the world. His philosophy was affirmed by his educational attainment, thus giving a strong support of his educational philosophy and giving him the credibility to talk such path towards educational success.

Nor did he believe in the Catholic observation of fasting as a sacrifice, nor in the sale of such religious items as the cross, medals, rosaries and the like in order to propagate the Faith and raise church funds. He also lambasted the superstitious beliefs propagated by the priests in the church and in the schools. It only shows that Rizal has really taken hold of salvation as a free gift to everyone.

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This also shows that he opposes the Catholic teaching of money indulgence for the forgiveness of sins. Though Rizal was born from a closely-knit Catholic Family, he still fought for what is true. His religious philosophy approves a part of our Wesleyan beliefs and that is a good thing that we should be happy about. Furthermore, I learned that eventhough he has gone that far in his attainments, he did not lose his humility and his faith to God.

Rizal cried out for the independence of his own country and his fellow men. In his cry, he made reforms, he plead through his writings and he courageously laid his opposition against the inhumane and brutal management of the Spaniards over the Filipinos. One thing I learned from his life is that he was not terrified with the strong power of the Spaniards but instead he let himself shine and speak up on the issue that he and his country is facing. This could be a strong passion and determination to set free a country that deserves liberty.

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I also observed on my readings that Rizal never craved for political power, but instead he served as a catalyst that silently works great in his own ways.