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The explanation of "unobserved road" will always have some time in life, and ultimately the decision to define fate and change course will have to be decided.

Robert Frost, author of the book "The Road Not Taken", depicts the path of a solitary traveler who pauses the journey to select fate correctly. There are several factors in the allegorical frost traveler choosing the road, which influences the lives of travelers and everyone. Life is not about the way always taken but sometimes it is not taken.

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When Robert Frost is the interpretation Robert Frost of road that did not follow read the "pristine road", I think it is those personal, I noticed that especially the author. After choosing one of the roads, the narrator tells himself that he will come back to this fork one day in order to try the other road.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost: Summary and Analysis

However, he realizes that it is unlikely that he will ever have the opportunity to come back to this specific point in time because his choice of path will simply lead to other forks in the road and other decisions. The narrator ends on a nostalgic note, wondering how different things would have been had he chosen the other path.

Since its publication, many readers have analyzed the poem as a nostalgic commentary on life choices. Rather than taking the safe path that others have traveled, the narrator prefers to make his own way in the world. However, when we look closer at the text of the poem, it becomes clear that such an idealistic analysis is largely inaccurate.

The Road Not Taken: The Poem Everyone Loves and Everyone Gets Wrong

The narrator only distinguishes the paths from one another after he has already selected one and traveled many years through life. When he first comes upon the fork in the road, the paths are described as being fundamentally identical.

Robert Frost: Poems

It is only as an old man that the narrator looks back on his life and decides to place such importance on this particular decision in his life. During the first three stanzas, the narrator shows no sense of remorse for his decision nor any acknowledgement that such a decision might be important to his life.

Yet, as an old man, the narrator attempts to give a sense of order to his past and perhaps explain why certain things happened to him. How does the writer try to bring out the sadness of the boys death in the poem? The poet conveys sadness and regret through the narrator, who says, "Call it a day, I wish they might have said.

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