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How do I Organize my Research Paper? How do I Come Up with . It's essentially a thesis statement for the paper writing process. With this sentence you will.

For instance, a leader may not demonstrate organizational skills but he could create a vision that unites the organizational members McNichol et al.

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Managers demonstrate expertise in their specific fields where their positions have been attained by working hard and progressing with the company, they posses the technical knowhow. A leader may have newly arrived in the company but through courage, fresh and new ideas, He gets people to follow his objectives and implement his vision. In situations where leaders and managers work together, leaders play an innovative role while managers administer, leaders develop the vision and managers maintain it. Managers depend on control while leaders inspire members with trust taking a long-range view of the organization.

Both management and leadership play a vital role in the organizational performance and effectiveness. God leaders should work hard to attain management skills while good managers must work towards attaining leadership skills.

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In an organizational context, leaders create a clear vision, which is attainable and then communicate it to organization members McNichol et al. They develop strategies to help realize the vision ad motivate people to work towards achieving the vision. They also negotiate for support and necessary resources to help implement the goals. Managers on the other hand ensure that available resources and support are organized and applied to attain the optimal results.

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Abbott is one of the broad-based, global health care companies that is committed to contribute to the field of medicine by discovering new technologies, new medicines and new health management ways. The company was established in Ireland in and it employs about 4, employees across 8 locations in Ireland and other commercial operation sites like Dublin, Westport and Sligo. Abbott manufactures and develops products ranging from pharmaceutical therapies to nutritional products to medical devices and diagnostics.

The company attains high level of sales and requires effective coordination of sales across the domestic and in the international market. The sales manager in the pharmaceutical company acts as the cornerstone of sales force high performance and effectiveness. The other critical role in my portfolio will be to develop strategies relevant for the marketing and sales in the company so that the company can optimize sales revenue and manage customers effectively.

As a sales manager, I will dedicate most of time and resources to the building of a more strategic approach to sales. This would involve determining the relevant skills for the sales force, their training needs and the required activities that are important in driving sales; I will act as a team leader and manager Ingram et al , p. The sales position also requires me to monitor the sales and contribute in terms of ways that could improve the sales performance; I will also establish and maintain business relationships with other companies, physicians and pharmacists in the industry.

A sales manager must have interpersonal influence on his team in order to secure their willingness to commit themselves to the shared goals. He must also create energy and give direction to the sales force, which may include orientation towards the desired change. To activate change, set direction, develop people, energize and support change, sales manager must demonstrate leadership qualities since it can hardly be achieved through authority.

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The sales manager being the leader of sales force must develop and articulate vision of the sales and marketing function, he must also communicate the vision clearly to the sales force. The success of a business is highly determined by the leadership at any level or function of the organization, it is therefore important that appropriate leadership qualities like trustworthiness, self-confidence and courage are nurtured and developed.

I have attributes that are critical in leadership and these attributes enables me to work together with sales team in implementing the established vision with ease. These include sense of mission, confidence, being charismatic, decisiveness, creative problem solving that promotes positive working environment and better care, and also the ability and capacity to influence members to work together in order to achieve common goals Pergamon , p. Having these attributes opens door for me to enhance clarity in the established vision and enables the manager to demonstrate relevant skills in management and leadership.

One of the skills that I possess that would enable them to play the role effectively is open and effective communication skills, this will help in encouraging dialogue with sales force and understanding them while enabling them to think and look for solutions to the existing challenges.

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In my position, I uphold a servant type of leadership and this will be central in enabling me to handle my team members well and assist them in whichever way possible. Average sales managers issue orders but servant leaders apply careful and planned dialogue with sales force; this will enable me to elicit a cooperative and positive response from the sales force. It is easy to get feedback when the manager communicates on their terms instead of dictating to them the desired way of working. As a sales manager I would apply servant leadership to enhance sales force commitment, servant leadership takes time to listen, adjusts communication style across the wide variety of personalities.

I possess an unwavering courage that enables me to take courage in odds, this is very important in sales and management of sales force, definiteness of decisions is also key in sales management, it enables the manager to identify goals and implement them on the face of setbacks and obstacles Day , p. Effective planning also puts me ahead by enabling me to meet deadlines and take appropriate action plans, this also enables me to prioritize tasks and demonstrate delegation skills.

I have strong organizational skills, confidence and the ability to negotiate regulatory and administrative processes, which is vital in sales management; they help in managing the sales force and implementing the various action plans in an organized manner and with clarity of tasks and purpose. Another important skill in sales management is teamwork, an effective sales manager must encourage teamwork to enable the organization achieve its revenue targets with ease; teamwork also enables the team members to share knowledge and skills. These changes in demographics have increasingly prompt to debates both in national and local Time extension refers to the change in the completion date of the project which has been brought about changes of circumstances which are beyond the control of the builder.

In a contract, there are provisions that are allowed. These provisions can Company Background Riordan is an industry beater in the supply of plastic equipment. Quality is a hallmark of this company that has worldwide acclaim for its products. The company makes sure that its goods have a high level of precision.

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  6. The company Is it necessary that a strategic plan be done? Correctional management in communities have become increasingly difficult. The process is surrounded by many challenges and lacks capacity making it a potential area of manipulation. This paper seeks to explore an institution mandated with In the contemporary world, the need to establish effective management and leadership within an organization is highly imperative.

    This is mostly associated with the fact that there is increased competition in the market and the ability of a Critical thinking is significant in workplaces, especially for employers carrying out management roles. Decisions they make can affect an individual, a department or the workplace entirely.

    As a result, employers should possess critical skills that British hospitality association size of membership is More significantly, facilities and distribution options available in organizations should focus on a smooth flow of supply from the manufacturer to the consumer. The company is based in Adelaide, Australia. Thus, the company is involved in sales and marketing of its products. In addition, it offers food This involves taking sometime to understand the organization's current position Types of Organizational Structures Basically, there are three types of organizational structures that companies deploy in order to effectively execute their respective operations.

    A company will be expected to choose either of the structures to In order to live for a positive economic development in work places, diversification is always necessary. Many organizations are responding to changes by embracing the principal of diversity. This is due to an assumption that diversity has a Diversity is found in virtually all organizations and it occurs at different levels and degrees.

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    One such organization where diversity is evident is McDonalds particularly due to the engagement of the organization in the franchising business. Managing operations focuses on the efficient and effective execution of business operations with the main objectives of achieving customer satisfaction and optimal use of resources. Operations management is a necessity during service development and In the modern society, employee surveillance has been a common phenomenon in the workplace.

    The major issue arising is on how surveillance should be carried out in order individual privacy is not jeopardized. The modern setting in the workplace is Core competencies Core competencies refer to the factors that business organizations perceive as being significant in its processes, operations and functions. They are normally an outcome of distinctive skills and techniques of production Outsourcing involves contracting an external service provider to undertake an in-house business task.

    Under the current business environment, it is almost impossible for a business organization to meet all of its business requirements by itself, Unemployment rates in the UK in may be at peak levels, but this does not deter employees from resigning.

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    In , the rate of resignation in the UK was 7. Research conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, A thesis statement is a technical term defined as a contraction of both the argument and analysis contained in a particular text or research paper. It gives an insight of the logic contained in the whole paper just by reading two or three sentences. Question 1 Employment report shows that businesses have created more than two hundred jobs per month for the last 3 months.

    Economy information states that the growth of income and the economy were a reasonable tip at the end of and Americans Governance model has gained significant attention in nursing because of its role in allowing nurses to control their influence and practice at work Yoder-Wise, In recent years, this model has made tremendous inroads in nursing because it What is Total Productive Maintenance? This is a team based asset management strategy the puts emphasis on the cooperation between operations and maintenance departments with a goal of reducing defects, breakdowns and enhancing workplace design.

    Enron Corporation was started by Kenneth Lay after merging two natural gas pipelines namely, Houston natural gas and InterNorth. By , Enron was the leading seller of Natural gas in North America. Enron was later to be involved in wrong The events industry has been characterized by rapid growth. The growth in industry has had what can be termed as positive and negative impact. The growth of event industry can be attributed to increase in celebration and public events. It has been The increasing shortage of skilled labor with an ever increasing globalization and technology advancement has resulted in great changes to recruitment practices all over the world.

    Recruitment is the process of actively seeking potential applicants Sharpest Communications which ranks among the largest global public relations agencies wants to venture into the fashion and lifestyle area by acquiring a UK based Company. This report will serve to explain the economic conditions in UK and the Financial management is important for any company that is profit oriented and would like to grow and expand.

    Managing the financials of an organization involves the management of the cash flows in the organization, expenses, as well as the As the chief executive officer of an accounting firm that offers auditing and accounting services for some payment, I Formatting styles influence how format people their works such as policies or procedures.

    Many formatting styles are in use today, with content and management requirements defining what specific formats people choose in the writing. Several critical It is apparent that the front desk is the hub of The position that administrators provide in planning, organizing, leading and controlling is an indispensable responsibility in any industry.

    A manager must organize these functions in order to achieve company goals and uphold economical gain. The company cautiously records data on customer buyer performance. This enables them to offer to individual precise items, or bundles of items, Gap analysis is an essential tool in an organization set-up that focuses on two core questions; 'where are we? Although most managers prefer to develop their own control systems the general observation is that the systems they structure have some aspect of the proposed systems.