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In addition, borders agents are poorly equipped. Therefore, demarcating the borders with Syria, building a fence, equipping the borders agent, are three measures that should be taken as part of borders management project to stop illegal immigration Strong Essays words 4. However, the population has greatly risen since that time due to approximately one million Syrian refugees entering the country Cammett.

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Lebanon and the United States contrast in many ways in terms of religion and how it affects government and education, but there are more similarities in these categories than one might predict Strong Essays words 3 pages. The War has caused unrest throughout the whole country, surrounding countries, and the world because it has caused the biggest refugee crisis since World War Two. President Obama announced last year that the United States will take in 10, Syrian refugees and many people believe that the number should be raised to , Threw history, Lebanon was the destination for several migrants that were forced to leave their beloved country due to circumstances that were beyond their control.

Nevertheless, Lebanon has repeatedly opened its borders to shelter those refugees.

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Ranging from the Armenians that were terrified by the ottoman's intolerance in the early s, to the Palestinians that were forced to leave Palestine by the Israelis back in the s, and up until nowadays with the Syrians that are esc People pay respect for the dead with a moment of silence. However, if you would take a moment of silence for every Syrian who died in the past five years, you would be silent for more than ten month and a half At least , Syrians have died as a result of the war.

Nobody want to live in a place, where unlike any other country in the world, it rains bombs instead of H2O. Syria was a fast growing country before the war with a population of twenty-one million Syrian in Unfortunately, these numbers are extremely different now Strong Essays words 2 pages.

Both are a part of the Islam religion but they have their differences which separates their beliefs and traditions completely. The Alawi make up about 12 percent of the population and its' teachings were brought by Al Khasibi to Syria in the second part of the tenth century. They are mostly found in the mountainous part on the Mediterranean coast in the country's west. Also, they are known to be in the central province of Homs and in the capital Damascus mixed with the Sunni's population Manfreda, Primoz Strong Essays words 7 pages.

The country's civil war was followed by years of instability.

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Due to their close proximity, Syria has influenced Lebanon's foreign and internal policies since the s. Hezbollah and Israel continued to engage in attacks against each other after Syria's withdrawal, and fought a brief war in In addition to the number of immigrants, the percentage of jobless people is far above the ground, where more than half of the Lebanese are unemployed and they consist of two groups of people, whether they are not working and searching for work or they are not occupied and not looking for a job.

According to Thomas, E. Disable people and employment section, table 1. Still, one of the causes of unemployment and then a cause of migration is the truth a lot of foreigners occupy the job market in Lebanon.

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They come from different surrounding countries and are preferred by the Lebanese employer because they are less salaried than a Lebanese worker. Employment Section, para. Furthermore, concerning the other crucial sub cause, poverty plays an important role as an inducer for migration in Lebanon. It seems to be an important situation of misery that pushes the poor person to search for a way to exit his environment.

And Lebanon appears to have a lot of regions with extreme poverty , and this region is not only concentrated in only one region but a lot more, and statistics of poor people living in these areas are also elevated. As for Haddad, ,. They are about , where 90, of them are extremely poor.

Last , as for poverty, salaries differ from a country to another because of life style , life demands and needs. However, in Lebanon, the average wage that a family earns monthly does not seem to be sufficient for the whole demands. For example transportation, eating, clothing, lodging, etc. This is true essentially because almost everything is getting more expensive while the salary is remaining unchanged.

This alone is not a major problem facing the reality that a lot of people earn even less than this average income. For illustration and according to Haddad, A. Second of all, Lebanese immigration is also caused by some social causes based on population matters, instability and deficiency of some security programs. Lebanon, comparing to other countries is an overpopulated country especially in its capital Beirut and some of the suburbs. Social Aspects of Sustainable Development in Lebanon, Additionally, instability is also one of the major social causes of the immigration.

In fact, the forced migration is a part of this instability where people had problems and critical situations during the wars period in order not to broaden these problems. In , Abou-rjaili,k. Abstract section, para. Besides, Lebanon witnessed a lot of wars for example the last war were in the and a lot of before.

The point is that these wars were almost all against Israel , the country that has the same borders with Lebanon. Being till now the Lebanese enemy , Israel keeps on being an element of threatening to the Lebanese stability. The Israeli Warnings to Beirut , Moreover, the presence of multi religions in Lebanon seems to be another social cause of our topic in some places.

That may be true because of the fact that the Lebanese war of was between Lebanese but from different religions. And this can be named as a cause based on the declaration of Faour, D. This shortage can be named as a chief cause of the Lebanese immigration. For example , the Lebanese people do not benefit from security programs such as unemployment programs where the government is responsible of taking care of the unemployed citizens.

In addition, one of these programs that lacks in Lebanon is the old-age security program where the government takes charge of the old persons after their retirements.

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The same as Sibai, A. At last, immigration is highly influenced by the academic level in Lebanon which is relatively feeble in comparison to the educational level in other developed countries. This can be easily shown by the high number of the Lebanese travelling in order to study abroad. For illustration, two out of five of my brothers are migrants to the United States of America for studying. One of them just wanted to reach a better degree in order to come across a better position in his career.

The other one left his country because the major he wanted is not available in none of the Lebanese universities and it is the aeronautical mechanical engineering. Two out of five is a high ratio relatively. Besides, many of these graduates or undergraduates students in Lebanon get out of their homeland targeting countries with best universities in the world.

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Next to this fact is the truth of travelling to countries which are stabilized in their security in order to easily find a job after graduating, and not waiting a long period of time being a jobless. Canada gladly accepts highly qualified refugees from Lebanon, para. Away from this cause, the poor managements and the lack of experimental fields reside to be another factor encouraging the immigration of the Lebanese students. As university students in Lebanon, we almost all plan to continue our higher studies in one of the best universities of the developed countries.

My brother is an example of these planners, but when he left seeking for a Masters in Business in London , he had a lot of offers from the United Arab Emirates that attracted him to work with them after graduation. And so he did. This is the case of a lot of Lebanese that migrate for better education.

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Not only a high education is acquired out of the country but also a better experience in a job. A lot of students migrate just for having a experience in his job field and end in staying there. As the case of my cousin who went into the petroleum studies in Lebanon and went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for experience, and now he has been working there for years. Lack of experiment fields also affects the Medical students.

The last, sub cause exists in the lack of sufficient knowledge about a certain background. There are several jobs in Lebanon that are not given a good consideration in order to ameliorate the career. The same is the fact of the nursing in Lebanon. According to El-Jardali,F. Arab-American faces and voices : The origins of an Immigrant Community. Muhammad A. Religion, demography, and politics in Lebanon Middle Eastern.

Volume 43 , issue 6, pp Migration of Lebanese nurses : A questionnaire Survey and secondary data analysis.