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And maybe the police see dollar signs when they see pedestrians. This, Yen texted, "is so beyond backward. And it really makes people afraid to walk.

The Pedestrian

Crossing the street is like walking on egg shells. Here a cop will actually reverse traffic to get you. I saw it with my own eyes tonight. Absolutely shameful.


It makes me so embarrassed to be an Angeleno. Because it's not a real city. People there do it all the time. They like to do it.

They love it. They know the risks.

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And the police let them. Pedestrians, he said, "feel empowered.

Dear West Coast Students, Don’t Feel Bad About Jaywalking | Washington Square News

It's a sign that pedestrians rule. Cars take the back seat.

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The rub. There is an ambitious light rail project underway now, one that would like just about every major neighborhood center in the L. Even the economic downturn isn't stopping construction.

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More people, more movement, fewer cars. As a driver, I still feel like pedestrians should get first priority. Yeah, but Brigham, pedestrians have to be mindful of cars.


Because, you know, they're big angry machines. I think pedestrians should be able to jaywalk if they feel it's safe.

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If they make a wrong call, that is their own fault. The bigger picture, I suggested, is that a city that prioritized walking would prioritize pedestrians over cars in the enforcement of its laws; even drivers would recognize that it's in the best interest of their communities.

Still, wasn't it kind of weird to be watching cops giving people jaywalking tickets and stewing about it? We are sure we can handle writing a new unique essay on this topic within the tight deadlines. No plagiarism and custom research is guaranteed. Still other pedestrians are in their business attire Their age range from as young as four years old to as old as 60 to 70 years old From among the 50 pedestrians crossing an intersection , there are about 25 who cross the street against the light , or in other words , who jaywalk.

Dear West Coast Students, Don’t Feel Bad About Jaywalking

Male and female pedestrians were observed jaywalking Tourists , however especially the foreigners , are observed to be a little cautious on jaywalking. Jaywalkers have different reasons for crossing the street against the light , though most of them seem to be in a hurry , perhaps because they are already late for a meeting or an appointment , or for class.

However , of these 25 , at least five were observed to have tendencies to also jaywalk , following those who crossed the street against the light with no hesitation. They did not seem to be in a hurry but jaywalked anyway since they seemed to be no one in sight who will apprehend them The other 25 pedestrians patiently wait for the light signaling them that they may already cross the street. The middle-aged and the elder pedestrians still to wait for the light to change before crossing the street In almost all urban areas , jaywalking has been prohibited since it causes danger both to the.